Andrew Breytenbach

Andrew Breytenbach


Andrew is an Associate at Tideline CPA Group, navigating the complexities of tax preparation and financial analysis for businesses across various industries. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Andrew is building his expertise and learning the ropes in tax consulting.

In his role, Andrew relies on his basic understanding of accounting software like CCH Access, Quickbooks, and BNA Income Tax Planner, striving to grasp the intricacies of handling complex tax questions. Drawing on limited experience in roles outside of accounting, including management, coaching, and ministry leadership, he aims to bring a diverse perspective to his work.

While Andrew is committed to delivering work aligned with industry best practices, he acknowledges that he is in the early stages of his career. He’s gradually expanding his skill set and adapting to the demands of the profession.

Andrew is eager to contribute to Tideline’s success, recognizing the journey of growth and learning ahead. As he embarks on his role as a Tax Associate, he looks forward to the challenges and opportunities that will further shape his understanding of the field.